Yu Kato
Yu Kato try to make the consciousness of this beautiful world. She believes that it can enrich our life and also can create consciousness of ourselves. Yu Kato traveling all over  the world from her early twenties and continues to be moved by the beauty of the world every moment still now. Through the journey, she realized that the world is beautiful wherever it is and Only we need is consciousness. So she try to create art works like transparent cut lines that sharpen the beauty of the world which is difficult to find because quite usual for us.  Final goal of every her artworks is discovering that the world that we thought already know was full of surprises and freshness.
She was studying architecture in Musashino Art University. Mostly she made real scale works. She would like to create a space where can interact with people and surrounding environment. After graduate the art university, she traveling around all over the world and learned about various natural environment. After that she entered the graduate school of The University of Tokyo and studied about media art(Interactive art) and made Land Art and Installation Art works. Currently She is capturing and expression the world with any materials and methods.

2013                Completed Master Course at The University of Tokyo, Japan 
2009 - 2011    Traveled all over the world for 2 years
2009               Graduated from Musashino Art University, Japan
1985                Born in Tokyo, Japan.

- Exhibitions & Prize
“ART STAYS”, Art Exhibition / Ptuj, Slovenia
"Arte Laguna Prize" , Art Exhibition / Venezia, Italy

" Burning Man Japan " , Art Exhibition / Gunma,Japan
 Installation for music video / Tokyo,Japan 
Installation for the shop / Tokyo,Japan 
Installation for musician's exhibition/ Tokyo,Japan 

" Burning Man" , Art Exhibition / Nevada, USA

Installation for music video /Tokyo, Japan 
Installation for music video / Tokyo, Japan 

Installation for music video / Shizuoka, Japan 

"iiiExhibition 14 " The University of Tokyo / Tokyo,Japan 
"iiiExhibition 13" The University of Tokyo / Tokyo,Japan 

"iiiExhibition 12" The University of Tokyo / Tokyo,Japan 
"iiiExhibition 11" The University of Tokyo / Tokyo,Japan 

"Degree Show 2009" Musashino Art University / Tokyo,Japan 

"Milano Salone" product exhibition/ Milano, Italy 

2009 武蔵野美術大学 建築学科卒業
2013 東京大学大学院 学際情報学府修了