Exhibition at Satoyama Museum of Contemporary Art  / Niigata, Japan, 2023
Exhibition at museum courtyard : 〈particles〉-粒子たち-
- Material_aluminum evaporation film, wire mesh  -Size_ R1: H4400 ×φ5100,  R2: H3400×φ3200,  R3: H3900×φ1910
Exhibition in museum : "I DO have Nothing." 2022 in Sicily, Italy.

The overall concept of my exhibition, both outdoor and indoor, was 
<particles>  -For the uncertain me with contradictions-​​​​​​​
-For the uncertain me with contradictions-
make a solid design first, repeat experiments, calculate the structure, order materials, 
and create a large-scale installation.
There was also a self that contradicted myself.
have nothing, decide nothing.  
Just create with the atmosphere and mood of the place.
I didn't have a specific goal in mind, so there weren't even any problems. 
Whether it was bad weather or the schedule was off, 
I loved everything that happened as a story, and that became my art work.
There were both diametrically opposed and contradictory selves.
Both were enjoyable.
It was fun to go back and forth and create my completely opposite self.
I don't know myself less than I think I do.
I am unpredictable.
When I make things while moving my hands, 
things that I have never even imagined come to life.
It was also interesting.
To sublimate both contradictions in yourself at the same time, 
admitting that you are uncertain, 
I think it's also about accepting other people's differences.
You might be me and I might have been you.
As think so, blurring the boundary between you and me, which is so uncertain,
I want to become particles and melt together.
With that thought in mind, I will exhibit both works that I have created, which are completely opposite.
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